Turn 23 - Clash of the Titans : Across the Dnepre

A somewhat despondent General Keating characterises this turn as ‘more of the same’. That might be selling things a little short, as there are breakthroughs in two areas. Near ROSLAVL, Keating has killed large numbers of defenders, and his panzer spearhead is getting close to its objective.

In the north, Keating has definitely split the Soviet defenders. Unfortunately, his forces are probably just too far away from either RZHEV or VYAZMA for them too fall in the time remaining.

Comrade General Trout seems a touch lethargic today. The defences of ROSLAVL could hardly be called robust, but Trout seems to be focussing elsewhere, shoring up the lines defending RZHEV and VYAZMA. Perhaps Trout is anticipating the rewards of a successful campaign. The trouble with service in the Red Army is that success is always rewarded, but often not in a manner that the recipients would desire.