Turn 2 - Clash of the Titans : Across the Dnepre

Keating considers that the first day’s combat, which passed without any German units being lost, to be a success. While this is not perhaps the language of a conqueror, it is an understandable reaction. Many of the Russian units have yet to be spotted or indentified, and some caution is required. Keating is also anticipating that it will take some time to drive the Russians out of major Urban areas like ORSHA and MOGILEV.

Trout is triumphant! Pravda reports the destruction of an entire Fascist Panzer Division, which decodes to the actual destruction of the Recon Regiment of the 110th Infantry Division (see above) which was carelessly left exposed. Even the commissars are pleased!

Examining the image below shows Keating’s cautious approach in the South, where German units have actually dug in, and are yet to really close on either ORSHA or MOGILEV. This is giving Trout too much time to prepare a truly solid defence of those Urban areas.