Turn 16 - Clash of the Titans : Across the Dnepre

General Keating is now complaining that the Russians are retreating too fast for him to fight them. This is true in many parts of the battlefield, but not at SMOLENSK where the Russian defenders are ready and waiting, but still unmolested. The ugly word ‘Sitzkrieg’ floats in the air.

SW of SOLENSK, Keating is apply lots of pressure, and defenders in the clear are paying a high price for their defiance.

Comrade General Trout is definitely feeling the German pressure, complaining that this was his hardest day in the field yet. Despite that, he still found the time to return to his favourite pastime, destroying German Recon units.

Trout has also selected those men who will die for the Motherland in SMOLENSK, by the simple expedient of retreating the rest of his army away from them. Trout has conceded the German encirclement, and elected not to lose any more men disputing it.